...a shy little boy from a small town

Hi, my name is Andrew and thanks for dropping by! That's me when I was 6 years old, rocking my playmobil haircut and I was way ahead of the fashion trend with my shredded pants. I was a shy little boy that grew up in small town outside of the big city Amsterdam. School was fun but I never was the smartest kid in the class. Thinking about my school-time, I can say I was pretty average along my entire school career. I eventually moved to Amsterdam for university and straight after, started working for a global consulting firm. This was a big win for me personally. because my grades were not the best, again pretty average. 

But life was great! Despite of the average grades I went full on and my career went well. I married my best friend, we bought a beautiful apartment in the center of Amsterdam and life was nice and smooth. Nothing to complain... 


But something was missing. After 6 years in the corporate scene I decided it was time to make a jump into the unknown and start my entrepreneurship journey. This sounds way more "cool" then it really was. From Italian suits and shoes behind my Bloomberg terminal to sitting in my living room in my shorts. I built my first (e-commerce) company from the living room. With no experience at all, I generated over 40K USD in the first 24 hours and fell in love with e-commerce and entrepreneurship. 


Since then I’ve backed and built multiple 8-figure ventures and have been featured in global media outlets.


A long the way I've learned that family is everything and life is really measured by the impact we can make during our precious time on earth! I've had the privilege of building multi-million dollar businesses - of which some failed miserably and burned all my savings - hiring hundreds of people and raising millions USD of venture capital along the way, but at the same time I've lost my parents in a timespan of 5 years because of sickness which was devastating because I was very close to my parents. This is why I shifted my thinking radically. The focus had always been on myself and my business, but now I want to impact as many people as I can and help them become better versions of themselves.


I now help entrepreneurs and high achievers get more clarity on their mindset, goals and life as a whole. I have the privilege to speak across the globe as a keynote speaker, write books (actually just wrote 1, but number 2 is in the making :-) and consult companies on their digital journey. 


I truly hope the content you find here, can be of value to your journey of transforming into the best version of yourself.


Cheering you on,

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"we are all called to lead and it starts with self-leadership"


"when we control our mind, we control our future"



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