"We all have the power to

Influence and Inspire".

I have worked with global clients and inspired audiences ranging from small board rooms with top executives to thousands of people at regional conferences. When you book me to speak at your event, I will make sure to bring value to your event. The goal of my keynotes are both to inspire and to be actionable. Because change will never happen if we're just inspired, it requires action every day! I want to help you achieve that for you and your organisation. 

Andrew's keynote topics include:

  • Making Magic Happen

    What are the key drivers of growth? What role does our mindset play and how can we control it? A deep dive in mindset creation with practical tips on building a growth mindset focused company culture.

  • What The Swipe Generation Has To Do With Your Business

    Your end consumers are changing and have never been more demanding. How will instant gratification impact your business? How do you cope with the every changing demand of customers? Lessons on how to be ready for the evolving customer.

  • Lessons From The Avenger: Understanding The Power Of Collaboration

    The biggest success factor for any change trajectory is the people factor. How organisations keep excelling growth through mergers and acquisitions and radical organisational changes? How do businesses thrive and keep people inspired after going through significant organisational changes?

  • ​Changing DNA: How Can Companies Embrace An Innovative Culture?

    How can traditional businesses ride the digital wave and restructure its DNA so innovation is at the core? Just adding a website will not be enough. Innovation needs to start top-down, bottom-up and 360 degrees. How to build innovative cultures at work? 


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